Condominium Cleaning

Clean Condominiums

Condominium cleaning is a key aspect of any real estate property. The unique and spacious environment associated with condominium living requires a creative cleaning and maintenance approach.

At Zeta Cleaning Company, we’re committed to ensuring we offer quality condominium cleaning services to help your building remain clean, attractive, and safe for residents and visitors. We’re a high-end boutique company that offers condominium cleaning services to clients in and around Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

We will work closely with you to review your needs. Our uniformed professional cleaning specialists are well-trained to offer a thorough but friendly service. During cleaning, our crew wears badges for easy identification.

Every staff member at Zeta Cleaning Company has successfully completed a detailed cleaning training program to offer you a thorough service that meets your expectations. Should you have an emergency that requires immediate attention, our expert cleaning team is always on hand to promptly attend to your needs.

Our condominium cleaning services focus on the following areas:

  • Assigning our cleaning teams to your premises to clean and maintain entry and public areas on a daily basis
  • Clean and maintain common areas in condominium buildings such as corridors, sidewalks, laundry rooms, parking areas and exterior grounds
  • Garbage and rubbish disposal rooms
  • Carpet cleaning services
  • Floor care services
  • Cleaning elevators

We have invested in appropriate processes, equipment, materials, and skills to ensure all areas of your condominiums are clean. Our modern equipment is sound-suppressed and filtered to reduce noise and dust. We have an organized way of doing our cleaning to ensure minimal disruption of other activities on your property.

Do you need help cleaning your facility?

We provide commercial cleaning services in and around Montreal, Quebec.