Medical/Laboratory Cleaning

Clean Medical & Laboratory Facilities

There is no room for mistakes when cleaning medical and laboratory facilities. A clean and healthy environment promotes the well-being of your patients, visitors, and employees. At Zeta Cleaning Company, we offer you a professional medical cleaning service to ensure that your medical premises remain spotlessly clean. We are a high-end boutique cleaning company that offers medical-laboratory cleaning services in and around Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Medical cleaning is sensitive and not all cleaning firms can clean a hospital, laboratory, clinic or medical supply facility. Our team has a thorough understanding of practices involved in cleaning your medical facilities and our cleaning process focuses on its proper sanitization. We also ensure that your organization’s patient medical records are kept confidential. Because we value privacy, we place a lot emphasis on extensive verification and background checks for all our employees. Our staff training and cleaning procedures comply with the latest industry regulations. We emphasize on a structured and regulated cleaning approach that ensures your patients, staff, and visitors are safe at all times. During cleaning, our trained personnel use the appropriate alcohol and microfiber wipes in sensitive areas to achieve proper sanitation.

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